Water Damage Photo Gallery

Employee on rover extracting water from carpet

Pipe Broke

A pipe broke while homeowner was not at home causing damage to two rooms. SERVPRO went in with their high tech equipment and extracted the water and quickly dried up the wet areas.

Pipe Burst

Pipe Burst

Pipe bursts have the potential to cause a lot of damage. In this home, four rooms were affected by the spread of the water. Faster to any size disaster, SERVPRO strategically places their fans for drying efficiency and will monitor until the drying process is complete.

Ceiling fan that was affected by humidity and mold

Humidity and Mold

It can be frightening on how humidity can affect the materials in a home. The ceiling fan in this master bedroom is the result of high humidity after master bathroom ceiling collapsed from a water loss.

Hard wood flood buckling from water damage

Hardwood Flooring Following Water Damage

Water damage on hardwood flooring noted by the buckling of the flooring. When the damage is not this severe, hardwood flooring can be salvaged sometimes. In this case, it could not. We have the technology!

Toilet overflow

Simple toilet overflow - yet complicated to clean up and dry. Toilets are notorious for small losses but are capable of doing a lot of damage.

Hardwood flooring following water damage

This is the effect of water damage to hardwood flooring. Unfortunately the wood flooring is not salvageable at this point. When the damage is not this severe, it is possible to salvage the flooring in place. We have the technology!

Water damage on tongue & groove

Water damage on tongue and groove - loss was found about 3 months after pipes froze and flooded this bathroom and basement. None of this bathroom was salvageable.

Looks more like a fire than a flood

Minimize the damage to your home

We at SERVPRO believe that the least amount of damage to your home minimizes cost and time spent putting your home back together.

Water damage to entryway paneling

This paneling was affected by the humidity present from a flooded basement. Humidity and subsequent mold created a great deal of damage to the entire house