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Roof damage from a tree

Roof damage

Storms are unpredictable and can be very dangerous. This homeowner had a tree land on the house during a storm causing roof damage and water in the basement. SERVPRO went in to restore the damages.

Employee on rover extracting water from carpet

Pipe Broke

A pipe broke while homeowner was not at home causing damage to two rooms. SERVPRO went in with their high tech equipment and extracted the water and quickly dried up the wet areas.

Fire damage in kitchen started in garbage can

Fire damage

This fire started in the garbage can. Most fires are preventable. You can keep your family and home a little safer by avoiding smoking inside the home. Always make sure the cigarettes in an ashtray are completely out before throwing in the garbage.

Crew cleaning up fire damages

Commercial Fire Loss

This commercial property had an electrical fire in a vehicle causing major damage to the entire building. SERVPRO crew got in there and cleared debris and cleaned it up for them.

New Hire Kyle for production crew, male with dark red hair

New Hire - Kyle - Production Crew

Welcome new hire Kyle to the crew! He is a twin and on his free time he likes to work out, hunt and fish. We are pleased to have him aboard!

Crew Sept 2020

Crew Photo

The crew here at SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St Louis Counties, wants to send healthy vibes in your direction during these uncertain times. One of the services we provide is COVID19 cleanup for your business or home.

Pipe Burst

Pipe Burst

Pipe bursts have the potential to cause a lot of damage. In this home, four rooms were affected by the spread of the water. Faster to any size disaster, SERVPRO strategically places their fans for drying efficiency and will monitor until the drying process is complete.

Storm Damage in Basement

Storm Damage

During a heavy rain storm, the power went out. Due to the power being out, the sump pump quit running. Water came up through the sump pump hole flooding the basement. SERVPRO fans dried it up quickly.

SERVPRO DRY, air movers in hallway


This property has a boiler heating system and one of the pipes burst causing water and glycol to flood the basement floor. They did their own clean up and SERVPRO came in to dry it up.

Garage Fire

Garage Fire

This property had a garage fire due to a lawnmower starting on fire after use. SERVPRO went out to clean up the debris left by the fire. The heat was very intense causing much damage inside and out.

Flooded Middle School

Flooded Middle School

This photo was taken the first day that SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St . Louis Counties showed up to a emergency call from the local Middle School.  Due to storm events the Middle School's lower level was completely flooded and needed to be steam cleaned and contents cleaned.  SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties was there to assist immediately.

Flooded Funeral Home Basement

Flooded Funeral Home

This is a photo of a basement at a funeral home that SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties responded to that had the heat go out during a cold snap causing a pipe break.

courtroom water loss

Drying A Courtroom

There is no justice when it come to a water loss. This photo shows SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carton and West St. Louis Counties using their equipment to dry out a court room that sustained water damage due to a sprinkler head.

car wash water loss

Car Wash Water Loss

Frozen pipes can be devastating. This picture shows just how big of a mess water can make after a pipe broke in the attic of a car wash causing the blown in insulation to go everywhere.

If you have a loss like that give SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties 

Bedroom Fire

Devastating Bedroom fire

Devastating home fire. Elderly couple without any resources - SERVPRO was able to clean up the smoke damage and put their home back together, providing them with a sense of security.

Kitchen Fire and Smoke Damage

Kitchen Fire

This photo shows where a short in the wall started a kitchen fire.  The fire was contained to the kitchen but the whole house had smoke and soot damage.  SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties arrived and took care of everything. This included: pack-out of contents, demolition, insulation removal, contents cleaning and rebuild.

House Fire in bedroom

Bedroom Fire

This photo is when SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties first arrived on site to a major house fire.  This is one of the bedrooms upstairs that was destroyed.  The family was sleeping when this fire broke out in the attic, thankfully everyone made it out safe. 

Grease kitchen fire

Grease Kitchen Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire that started in the kitchen from grease when SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties arrived on site. This is what is left of the kitchen.  You can see how hot the fire was in the home and the damage this home occurred.

Storm Damage in Basement

Storm Damage in Basement

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis County jumped into action when a storm event hit our area. This picture is of a flooded basement, the contents need to be moved and dried. SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis County inventoried the un-salvageable items for the client.

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis counties - (218) 879-6141

Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding From Storm

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West st. Louis Counties jumped into action to help a previous client. During a storm event in Bemidji our clients basement flooded with sewage. SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing cleaned and disinfected our clients basement and also cleaned and inventoried un-salvageable contents.

major flooding of a basement

Major flooding in business basement

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties  was called in by a local company due to storm water flooding there entire basement with 6- inches of water.  This photo shows the utility room and the amount of water. SERVPRO crews jumped right in and started the mitigation process. 


Ceiling fan that was affected by humidity and mold

Humidity and Mold

It can be frightening on how humidity can affect the materials in a home. The ceiling fan in this master bedroom is the result of high humidity after master bathroom ceiling collapsed from a water loss.

Hard wood flood buckling from water damage

Hardwood Flooring Following Water Damage

Water damage on hardwood flooring noted by the buckling of the flooring. When the damage is not this severe, hardwood flooring can be salvaged sometimes. In this case, it could not. We have the technology!

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire in Kelliher

Here is a picture of a fire that was started from a grocery bag that was on a stove. Our fire and smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Fire At A Business

Fire At A Business From a Vehicle

Here is a picture of a commercial fire loss, that was started from a vehicle, we had in Hibbing MN. Our fire and smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

bathroom loss from fire

Residential Fire Damage

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Vandalism Cleanup in apartment

Vandalism Clean-up

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties can cleanup after vandalism, graffiti, trauma and crime scenes! Some of these incidents can cause significant damage if not addressed in a timely manner. Call us today if you need us! (218)879-6141

Water of Plenty

SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton & W. St. Louis Counties was called into a large commercial loss.  Barrel waves had come over the barrier wall and completed flooded over 10,000 sq. ft. of a local business.  SERVPRO arrived on site and began the mitigation process to help the business get back to being able to function.  Pumping water, then extraction and moving contents was just a few of the things performed at this business.  We want to thank the business for calling SERVPRO and letting us take care of your loss. The picture above is just one of the hallways in the affected business.

Personal protective gear

Our Tyvek type suits and respirators worn on all biohazard, mold or simply dirty jobs where our staff are exposed to contaminants.

Mold present on wood

House flooded - damage found several day after the house flooded. Mold present on beautiful woodwork

Toilet overflow

Simple toilet overflow - yet complicated to clean up and dry. Toilets are notorious for small losses but are capable of doing a lot of damage.

Hoarder Cleanup

Many, Many, Many properties we are called to cleanup involve excessive collecting of items, collectibles, garbage, or clothing. The cost to cleanup this kind of loss can be expensive. Often times there is mold present, rodent infestations and unhealthy living environments.

Hardwood flooring following water damage

This is the effect of water damage to hardwood flooring. Unfortunately the wood flooring is not salvageable at this point. When the damage is not this severe, it is possible to salvage the flooring in place. We have the technology!

Humidity and mold

This picture shows the effects of high humidity and ultimately mold growth on tongue and groove and a wood ceiling fan.

Water damage on tongue & groove

Water damage on tongue and groove - loss was found about 3 months after pipes froze and flooded this bathroom and basement. None of this bathroom was salvageable.

Looks more like a fire than a flood

Minimize the damage to your home

We at SERVPRO believe that the least amount of damage to your home minimizes cost and time spent putting your home back together.

Water damage to entryway paneling

This paneling was affected by the humidity present from a flooded basement. Humidity and subsequent mold created a great deal of damage to the entire house

Mold remedidiation on a large scale

This home was fully involved with mold following a broken pipe. The entire home was gutted to the studs, dried, soda blasted and antimicrobial paint applied prior to rebuild. This homeowner lost everything they owned.

Stomp on Stigma 5k

Thank you to the crew member and their family members who represented the crew at the Stomp on Stigma 5K. We has a great time helping raise awareness for mental health with fellow community members. We look forward to doing our part next year!

Keeping Warm

Northern Minnesota is notorious for its below freezing winter temperatures. We like to keep our crew nice and warm, so this year they received new winter jackets! Making sure our customers know SERVPRO is helping them with all there disaster needs.